Monday, June 17, 2013

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!

I have officially upgraded my office. No, I did not get a deep mahogany desk or wing-backed leather chairs. I added a stationary bike. In fact, I am pedaling as I type, and I am obsessed. This little guy fits neatly under my desk and allows for calorie counting, distance estimating and most importantly entertainment. Seriously, it's awesome.

I know you're jealous. Just roll with it.

Recently I noticed that no matter how many calendars I make, motivational books I read or self-interventions I conduct, I cannot drag my booty out of bed to exercise before work. This means the only time I can work out is after I finish an 8 to 10 hour day at the office. Even if I don't have anything planned for that evening, it is hard to garner the motivation to jump on the elliptical more than twice a week. 

No, I don't think my little bike pedals will ever replace the benefits of an actual sweat-inducing workout, but seriously it has got to be better than sitting idly all day, right? If nothing else it keeps me more awake and alert at my desk. Gets the blood flowing. I am aware taking a lap around the office would probably do the same thing, but people start to wonder what you are doing all day if you are constantly taking a stroll through human resources. So instead I will sit at my desk and play this music in my head.

PS. I almost broke my own rule this week. I swore I would never post about work, and I nearly did. Don't worry I saved myself, so instead of kitchy anecdote about SEO and workplace understandings I leave you with this bit of trivia. It takes approximately four phone calls and 27 emails to get the Wall Street Journal to respond to your request. Also it is against their policy to add link-backs to any of their articles. Save yourself the trouble. If you are quoted in WSJ, revel in it; however, they will never give you a link -- what punks.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap: Work Hard, Play Hard

Or in this case: play hard, work hard. I played first, sue me. This weekend was sort of nuts, and not in the fun - albeit slightly questionable - ways one might hope. No, no, this weekend was SFW and filled with to-do lists and pre-scheduled events. I hate that, but if I was going to have one of those weekends this was it.

Thankfully it started out fun with one of my good friend's birthday parties. We are hitting that age where birthdays are becoming way mundane, so it's always nice to celebrate -- especially with margaritas and mariachi men.

Gotta love Tex-Mex.

(Cheesy sentiments ahead: please skip over if easily nauseated.) I absolutely adore these people. Seriously, so awesome. For the most part, I didn't know anyone from this team until after college, and they have made post-grad life a blast. Between brunches and wine nights and day parties, I love getting to hang out with them. Also, we play soccer. We stink, but we play. Just thought I would mention that we are outdoorsy like that.

Then Saturday hit me like a ton of bricks. I talked about my lovely to-do list in the last post but to break it down, I needed to accomplish a whole, helluva lot. Not only have I been stalling on some freelance work, but basic cleaning and laundry was beyond necessary. Not to mention the roommate and I decided to redecorate this week and the newly painted wall needed a ton of touching up as well as the TV needed to be mounted.

The freelance work, cleaning and painting I could do, but let's be honest, the TV mounting is way past my abilities. Assuming I had the tools to accomplish that (which I did not) and I could lift the TV (which I could not), I would maybe have considered trying, but who would we really be kidding? It would end up lopsided or falling off the wall. So I did what any fully functioning adult would do -- called my dad. Thankfully the man showed up with a drill, a few screw drivers and a stud finder ready to take on the TV.

Once the pops had successfully mounted the TV, I spent the next 10 hours switching off between freelance, painting and laundry. All necessary, none exciting. Actually the painting was nice and I like the freelance work, but it was gorgeous outside and I was none too pleased to be inside working. Also my entire family was eating spaghetti and drinking wine at my aunt's house, and I was eating a lean cuisine and milk -- shoot me.

Don't worry the cords have since been hidden and the bluray player is no longer hanging out up there.

But by midnight on Saturday, I was officially finished! The room was finally finished, the websites fully functional and I had clean clothes for the week. It helped that a lot of my friends were out of town or busy with other things so there weren't too many temptations to go out, but seriously y'all I hate days I have to buckle down. Luckily, they are few and far between so life ain't too bad round these parts. Also, I could not be any happier with the redo. Assuming I get around to it, I will post some before and afters.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Overcoming the Overwhelming

I don't know about you kids, but my last couple months have been crazy town. Between weddings and holidays and planned activities, it seems like I haven't had one of those let's-just-see-where-the-wind-blows weekends in FOR... EV... ER. (If you didn't read that in the voice of Squints from Sandlot, you're doing it wrong.)
Courtesy of and Sandlot, of course.

Luckily, this weekend is free and clear. There are no major activities, no out-of-town holidays and not a single one of my friends is getting married. That's freedom y'all. Unfortunately, thanks to all the crazy, my to-do list is staggeringly long. Not only do I have the basics like cleaning and laundry, but I am grossly behind on two freelance websites I need to have finished... yesterday. The problem with this: I have so much to do I am not even sure where to start. As my list grows longer, my motivation turns to Netflix and popcorn in bed.

How do I tackle the to-do list, when I have too much to-do? (Wow, that was so one of those cheesy opening Carrie Bradshaw lines. So bad -- I have to leave it.) But seriously, here's the plan: I am breaking down the list into sticky notes. Sticky's are manageable. This way I only have to tackle one sticky at a time. Sure, it sounds simple, but I am telling y'all it works.

Sticky #1: (a) Add stock images and color scheme to MM-site. (b) Load of darks in washing machine. (c) Clean bathtub.

The key is none of these tasks are too similar so I won't get distracted too badly. Also, I can totally have Netflix streaming while I do them.

Sticky #2: (a) Add content to Blog and Bio pages. (b) Darks to dryer. (c) Wash towels and sheets. (d) Clean rest of bathroom.

Sticky #3: (a) Edit video pages. (b) Fold clothes. (c) Add complex functionality to PCD-site.

Sticky #4: (a) Vacuum. (b) Add phasing capability to MM-site. (c) Change sheets.

See that list, totally more manageable. That way I just go one sticky at a time and can even go out of order. Not to mention, I get to cross off and throw away a piece of paper after just three tasks as opposed to getting through with 20. Yes, the feeling of dropping a to-do list in the trash is satisfying enough to keep me going. Sad, but true. So how are y'all coping with your overwhelming to-do's?

Friday, May 24, 2013

I Digress to Regrets

Regrets are the WORST. I like to think I am not the person who gets hung up on them, but I totally have those few things that eat away at me when I think about them. People always say, “You’ll never regret the things you did, only the things you didn’t do.” That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. No, I didn’t go on that one trip with my friends to Italy. No, I have never been skydiving. But those are not my true regrets. I regret, more than anything, the things I have done, and more importantly the words I have said.

There are so many things I wish I could take back. Unfortunately, my brain tends to run faster than my filter. I totally feel for Tom Hanks (ie Joe Fox) in You’ve Got Mail. Sure, Meg Ryan is made to look stupid by Joe’s “zingers,” but she never has to wish she can take back the words she said. Unfortunately, she has a “breakthrough” later on in the movie. She will come to regret that.

Luckily, my brain is slowing and my filter seems to be growing up, but back in college I could get myself into some real trouble. I blamed others for my mistakes, refused to recognize I was NOT invincible and eventually ended up destroying some friendships with people who once meant the world to me.

Okay, fine, that may be dramatic, but I definitely am not as close to some people as I used to be, and there are definitely others I flat out don’t speak to anymore. Was it totally my fault? No, but running my mouth could not have helped. So, I guess this is my apology I am sending out into the void. For all those phone calls I never should have made and the words I never should have said, I’m sorry.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blaming Fifty Shades

Confession: I just Googled parental ratings on a book. No, I do not have children. No, I am not an overly conservative nut, but I am over this Fifty Shades of Gray book culture. Is it so much to ask that authors leave a little to the imagination? I used to blush reading Nicholas Sparks. Now it seems language that was once reserved for Fabio-clad, grocery store novels is mainstream. -- I hate it.

I want to be able to read a book on a plane without feeling like my mother would be ashamed. Anyone who has read this blog knows I grew up on Dawson's Creek, Sex and the City, Friends, Grey's Anatomy, etc, but something about seeing it in print is -- jarring. Am I the only one who feels this way? Sometimes I feel like a crazy person. I get it's hypocritical that I don't mind R-rated movies, but R-rated books make me squeamish. I see the flaws in the logic, but it is what it is. I want my Mr. Darcy, not Mr. Gray.

Sorry for the rant. Continue on with your day as normal.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Date Fears

First dates are awesome and terrifying all at the same time. It doesn't matter what the situation is: blind, met at a bar (which let's be honest sometimes might as well be blind), friends taking the plunge, getting asked out in the shampoo aisle at Walgreens or even a setup from your parents. Say what you will, some times the best dates come from parents forcing their children into social interactions.

First dates are awesome because there is the possibility of butterflies, first kisses, long talks and eventually reliving every detail via Gchat with your best friends. They can also be terrifying. Even when you take the Lifetime movie kidnapping/serial killer scenario out of the equation, you could still end up on a date from hell. We all have the story. He gets too frisky in the car, takes you to a way too expensive restaurant then expects you to split the check, one of you ends up with food poisoning or you both realize three minutes into the evening you have nothing to talk about.

But girls I think we can all agree the scariest part of the date is the first date outfit. What if he is thinking a burger at his favorite dive and you are in a dress and heels? What if you go for the new, super high, incredibly uncomfortable pumps and he wants to walk around the park? More often than not, you have no idea where you are going. It's the first date, you definitely aren't close enough to ask. You just have to pray these guys offer up the plan for the night and even that isn't always enough information.

I don't remember the last time I went on a first date -- and sometimes even a second and third -- without having an obligatory fashion show of outfit options. Whether in front of the mirror or roommates, at least three outfits are worn before any date. If any girl disagrees, she is a freak of nature and I want to know her secrets.

We all have the go-to, I feel good about myself outfits. The question is: do we throw on the dress or the jeans? Sandals or heels? Boys, do us all a favor and let us know where we are going and not in a "let's grab dinner. I'll pick you up at 7." way. I want restaurant names and after dinner plans so I can Google to my little heart's desire.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Walk Down (Embarrassing) Memory Lane...

Ever since joining the wonderful, working world, I have found... it's rough. No, I'm kidding. You have disposable income, your own apartment and you don't have to study for tests. It's quite nice, assuming, of course, you break up the week. One way to do this? Weekly wine night, or as our group has come to affectionately call it -- Boozeday Tuesday. (copyright: Kathie Lee and Hoda.)
Where can we get those glasses? (photo credit:

One might assume if you put a group of girls in a room together it would get a little gossipy, but oddly our conversation normally is... well... strange. Last night we somehow ended up on the topics of kidnapping, unsolved murders and first kisses (odd combination, I know). But first kisses ended up with us finding the greatest game we ever played: The First Kiss Facebook Photo.

Now back in my day, we didn't have Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Vine so our actual first kisses are not on camera (thank goodness). We wouldn't want those anyway. Can you imagine? Shoot me. No the trick is you have to pull up the most recent Facebook profile picture of your first kiss and own up. 

This may not sound as wonderful as it is, but in our group we had a fiery redhead, a blonde, a body builder, one who was legitimately cute and a Mexican-Canadian rapper. (I could not make this stuff up if I tried). It really is the testament to how much a kid can change in 10 years. A once 8th grade hottie is now 5'1 with a Napoleon complex, and the dorkiest kids in school are now 6'2 lawyers with an expense account.

Example: Neville Longbottom. Sixth-grade = chunky nerd. Ten years later = Yes, please. (photo credit:

Kids, I cannot stress this enough -- DATE THE NERDS. They get growth spurts, it's worth the wait. Now go, look up your first kiss on Facebook and recoil in embarrassment. It's beyond worth it.